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Getting Started with AudioSauna

This is a guided tour of the basic features in AudioSauna.
The manual will be updated as the software is developed further.

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Working with Tracks

In order to add more sounds to your project you create a new track.
Corresponding mixer channels are automatically created in the mixer.

Create a new song

To create a new song choose File and New Song from the main menu bar.

You start working in Audio Sauna by creating a new song, or opening an existing one. A song is the document that contains all the instruments, tracks, the sample files you add, and all the changes you make.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + N

Create a new track

To create a new track choose Track and Create New FM Synthesizer, Create New Analog Synthesizer or Create New Sampler from the main menu bar.

Delete a track

To delete a track choose Track and Delete Device and Track from the main menu bar.

Select a track

To select a track you can:

1) Click the mixer's track name display to select the track or
2) Click the track header block located along the left side of the arrangement window.

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