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Getting Started with AudioSauna

This is a guided tour of the basic features in AudioSauna.
The manual will be updated as the software is developed further.

Navigation Piano Roll Working with Tracks Mixing

Navigate within AudioSauna's Interface

You can show or hide the two main editor windows of Audio Sauna.
The instruments can also be opened as separate, movable windows.

Show the arrangement window

Click the arrangement window button in the upper right corner to toggle between Piano Roll and Arrange modes.

These two modes are the main views of AudioSauna. You use the arrange window to organize your song by moving, cutting and copying pattern blocks. Piano Roll is used to record and edit the notes of the instruments.

Keyboard Shortcut:

- Tab key

Show the mixer

Click the Mixer button in the upper right corner to show or hide the mixer.

Show an instrument

1) Doubleclick the mixer's channel name display to show an instrument. Doubleclick it again to hide it.
2) Click the track number button from the Arrangement Window.
3) Choose "Options" and "Show selected device" from the upper menubar.

Zooming in your project

Use the sliders to zoom in and out in your project.

Click the small arrow buttons to carefully zoom one step at a time,

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